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Scouts Australia


Scouts Australia has around 70,000 members aged 6 to 25, making it the largest youth movement in Australia.

The Scout Program offers a flexible range of age-specific activities with an emphasis on useful skills, service to others, leadership and responsibility. Many Scout activities take place in outdoor settings with a spirit of adventure and challenge.

The Australian Scout program incorporates issues such as youth health, adventurous activities, vocational skills, leisure pursuits, environmental issues and issues pertinent to Indigenous Australians.

The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as a member of their local, national and international community.

The Event

Every 3 years the Scouts hold their Australian Jamboree. It is the biggest event on the Scout’s calendar. This year 13,000 Scouts and their leaders converged on Maryborough Queensland to camp for 2 glorious weeks of fun, fantastic adventure and friendship.

During the Jamboree, Scouts work in patrols of 6 to organise their way around 10 days of activities including climbing, abseiling, trade skills, exploring the town of Maryborough and water sports including a giant waterslide at Hervey Bay.

How did SRC help?

Super Retail Commercial was one of the Jamboree’s key suppliers. We met with the volunteers and came up with a list of products that maybe needed during the Jamboree. We supplied everything from 580 x Water Containers, 60x Airbeds, 28 x Tents, 10 x Signal Flares to Bicycles, Helmets and repair kits. We also sourced 550 x Coolers from our Sourcing team in China.

SRC worked with the Scouts to ensure all products were shipped directly to the campsite in Maryborough well before the Scouts arrived. We also worked with the Scouts logistics team to supply some last minute products to ensure the Jamboree went off without a hitch.

The Results

The 2013 Jamboree was incredibly successful. They Scouts all spoke about what a fantastic once in a lifetime experience this was, as some of them will be too old to attend the next event in Sydney in 2016.

Tim Gibbings, Logistics Director said, “The Jamboree was a great success, the Scouts had a fantastic time and really learnt a lot during their time with us. You could see the change in them over the 10 days. Working with the SRC was seamless, nothing was too hard for them and they worked tirelessly to ensure all of our products arrived on time. They were also very flexible when it came to making arrangements to ensure we received products how and when we needed them.”

Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ)


PPQ works together with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide a range of fun, unique personalised number plates within Queensland while proudly supporting Queensland Road Safety.

These plates can be purchased online, through the PPQ office, or from Queensland Motor Dealerships and Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centres.

The responsibilities of the PPQ team range from staffing the call centre, visiting and maintaining relationships with Queensland Motor Dealers and Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centres, digital marketing and online sales, event coordination and attendance, a corporate area specialising in business services, and ongoing plate development.

We are a fun team and we pride ourselves on personalised communication with you, our customer. We always welcome feedback and comments on products, initiatives and processes.

The Value Add Campaign

The Value Add Campaign was run throughout February 2012, and the aim was to increase the number of Personalised Plates sold during what is traditionally the quietest month for PPQ.

The offer was to buy a Personalised Plate during the month of February and receive a $50 gift card of your choice (Supercheap Auto, BCF, Goldcross Cycles or Rays Outdoors).

The Marketing Plan

A television commercial specifically dedicated to the campaign was filmed and run on all local television channels (70% peak and 30% non peak time slots). Digital advertising was undertaken on websites such as eBAY and as well as the use of Bus Shelter advertising throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The SRC team worked with our Retail brands to help promote the campaign on our Facebook pages and in the Supercheap Auto monthly eNewsletter.

The Results

PPQ’s campaign was incredibly successful. They sold almost 1,000 more plates than the same time last year, and the campaign helped to grow the PPQ community through both Facebook and PL8 M8 (PPQ eDM Database). As the promotion was only offered to the PPQ online audience, unique visitors and conversion rate skyrocketed throughout the month, helping PPQ to gain valuable insights to customer online behaviour.

Kirsten Read, Marketing Director PPQ said, “The Value Add campaign has been a great success, and we were overwhelmed with the response. Working with the SRC was seamless, nothing was too hard for them and they worked tirelessly to ensure all of our deadlines were met. Although our product has great alignment with the Supercheap Auto brand, we found customers were thrilled to be given the option of obtaining a gift card from a variety of stores under the SRC umbrella, helping to appeal to the masses. We are looking forward to working with the SRC team again on future projects.”